Study Hacks

Sometimes, school can be so overwhelming, especially when there’s a lot of studying to do. Most students believe that studying is hard, boring and it sucks – I guess we can all agree on that. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to your studies. But studying doesn’t have to be so difficult and boring. Well, there’s no magical formula to scoring all A’s. What you can do is to adopt some habits that will help you study better, smarter and help you become more productive in exams.

Working hard and studying for long hours doesn’t always mean you’ll have good grades. You need to be smart about it; work smart and study even smarter. Here are a few things that can help you kick-off the school year with a bang and get you better grades.

Pay Attention

If you’re going to get better grades, the first and the most important thing you need to do is to pay attention in class. Listen carefully to what everyone has to say – not just the teacher. If you listen good in class, you most likely will understand most of the lesson and you’ll remember better when you start studying later.

Start Early

If you want your studying to be effective, you need to do it early. The easiest and most productive time for you to study is when you’ve just had the class and the topic is still fresh in your mind. Whatever you’ve picked up in class will become fuzzy with time, so you need to start studying as early as possible.

Start Small And Be Realistic

Whatever you need to study, breaking it into smaller portions might be the most effective way to make your study sessions more productive. Break your work into small portions to help you read or go through them easily. However, be realistic with what you want to achieve in a single study session. These small portions of your work should not be too large. If your expectation are too high, they become more difficult to achieve and you might end up feeling discouraged.

Take Advantage Of The Internet

There’s always a video on the internet that will teach you the same thing in your books in a more interesting or amusing way. So if your books get boring, you can always learn from the internet.

Interact with Others

Adopt the habit of explaining whatever you’ve learnt to others. In doing this, you’ll revise what you’ve learnt and you’ll discover which part still needs work.


This might seem a little strange, but yeah ‘discipline’. Unfortunately, all the tips and tricks discussed above won’t work – unless you maintain good discipline. Getting better grades won’t be easy; you’ll need to make a lot of sacrifices and commitments. Sticking to your schedule or turning of apps that could distract you while studying are more difficult to do than they seem. You’ll need a lot of self-discipline to keep doing these things regularly over a long time.