The importance of self awareness

Awareness is the first step to anything. Throughout life we tend to loose our awareness of ourseleves and then run on auto pilot. I'm here tell you snap out of it, time to wake up. As you are reading this you're most likely a human being living on the planet Earth in the 21st century, you most likely have a life expectancy rate of 60 - 80 years. It's time you get to know yourself and figure out what you're willing to put up with in this life. Time flies, you may be young now but before you know it, you'll be out of high school with long list of choices that can seem over whelming. Not to mention the expectations from your family and friends, the pressure is real and if you don't take the time to decide what you want,  you may end up spending the next few years putting up with things for the sake of it or even worse doing things to make others happy. 

Figure out what in this life you choose to live with,  take time to become aware of your, habits, likes, dislikes, fears, pretenses, hopes, desires, level of patience and your natural flow, else you will just keep putting up with whatever and then one day end up asking yourself how did I get here. Now is the past, now is the future, now is always. Become aware of who you are and know what you know about yourself.

How to have an idea about what you know about yourself, cause let's be honest, we don't always know. However at least having an idea isn't so bad?

  1. Question yourself,  ask yourself about you and how you see the world.
  2. Understand and identify your fears, fear often drives us more than we  realize.
  3. Get in touch with your emotions and figure out what drives them, and understand that emotions may not be a choice but behavior is.
  4. Reflect, look at past descions you made or avoided and try to understand your reasoning behind them
  5. Examine the relationships in your life, the company you keep says alot about who you are.
  6. Know your values and what you stand for.

In conclusion, we aren't set in stone but having a good idea about your values, fears and the things that drive you can really take you far in life and help you avoid letting yourself down.